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Spring Renewables?

A rise in the uncertainty of the supply of our energy for the future has made Biomass energy much more topical but also accessible.

The Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme has now made it much more attractive to use green energy to fuel a heating system for both domestic and commercial use. Carbon neutrality can now be possible from wood fuel in either pellet or wood chip form.

For us, it has always been that way, with over 30 years specialist experience under our belt. Renewable energy is our business, it’s what we do and we are passionate about doing it well.

That’s why we are the only suppliers in the UK to supply the best multi-use biomass boilers on the market and the highest quality virgin wood fuel to power them.  And because our customer’s requirements are never the same, neither is our advice. We design bespoke systems to the individual requirements of our customers and we pride ourselves on being able to achieve their expectations and often exceed them.

Once we have installed your boiler, our leading Biomass installation contractors provide a first class and reliable ongoing service and maintenance programme to help avoid any unpredictable breakdowns or expensive upgrades. That’s why our customer relationships are so important to us as they are usually for life. Our teams are located across the country and our attention to detail is paramount, whether or not your system was installed by us. We are always looking to the future and market changes for maximum efficiency. We supply CHP units that can double your CHP return in half the time.

We are also now equipped to retro fit CHP units on to existing boilers to add value and efficiency not only to our new clients but to our existing ones too.

Biosol Renewables UK Ltd is now incorporated into Spring Renewables Ltd