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It’s what they call
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Experts in boilers and fuel

Your boiler and your usage requirements will determine which fuel you need to order. Our expert team are on hand to help with what you need. Contact us now for more information.

We only supply top quality virgin wood chip. Wood fuel can be found cheaper and in varying quality, but poor quality fuel will reduce the life and productivity of your boiler resulting in increased down time and lost RHI. That’s why we only supply top quality virgin woodchip. Optimum energy efficiency is critical to achieving the maximum RHI. With the reduced CO2 emissions you’re generating from biomass energy, the planet also gets a payback too, so it’s a win-win all round.

As market leading suppliers and maintenance specialists of quality Biomass Boilers to the UK market, we know our stuff when it comes to sustainable energy solutions. It’s all we do.

From boilers expertly engineered to perform to the highest efficiency to low emission fuel options in woodchip or pellet form. Spring Renewables works with you to maximise your energy potential… sustainably.

Looking for wood chip? Click here for a quote on your woodchip order.

Just some of the main benefits of our biomass boilers


50% - 75% cheaper than oil, LPG and electricity

Generate earnings

Government grants and incentives available

Choice of fuel

Wide choice of fuel options that can be used

Environmentally friendly

Carbon neutral fuel options


Longer life-span than oil and gas boilers

Cost security

Protection from fluctuating fuel costs in the UK

About our biomass boilers

We are the exclusive UK distributors for SWEBO BioTherm boilers, the most extreme bioenergy solution on the market with immediate benefits.

Bioenergy solutions have always been considered one of the most environmentally friendly energy alternatives because they do not increase carbon dioxide emissions.

We also have exclusive UK distribution rights for Hertz boilers alongside Binder, PAT LEE and Froling Boilers.

Biomass boilers offer a wide choice of fuel options from wood chip and pellet to log and straw, our engineers will design a system to slash your heating energy costs.

Biomass boilers are ideal as district heating systems, with a centralised installation providing heat for a number of buildings. This flexibility makes the technology particularly attractive for multi-structure agricultural sites and community housing projects.

The SWEBO BioTherm takes bio-energy a step further. All by-products, such as straw bedding and manure, can be burnt to produce clean energy. Emissions are far below the limit values, and the ash left over can be used as an excellent fertiliser for the forestry industry.

With the SWEBO BioTherm, the financial and environmental benefits work hand in hand.

Horse manure boiler

The SWEBO BioTherm is the result of a 21 year research and development project and like so many of their products, it has made a significant impression on the market. Among other fuels, the burner can burn challenging fuels such as horse and chicken manure, extremely moist chips (with a moisture content of up to 61%), offal, etc. In other words, it is a genuine multi-burner. Thanks to the SWEBO BioTherm’s high degree of efficiency and unique combustion design, it is the most environmentally friendly and efficient heating alternative in its class, both in terms of operation and economy. The SWEBO BioTherm is available in versions from 80 to 1000 kW.

Example projects

GE Doors Manufacturing

This project was in two phases. Phase one of the project was the installation of a Froling TM500 into the first Phase of the GE Door manufacturing site. Where all the wood waste is now recycled and blown via a wood chipper into the fuel store and fed into the biomass system so all the waste wood product is burnt and converted into heat for the factory. The second phase of our project was to design and install a biomass system that would dispose of the wood dust waste that is created, which the first project was not commissioned to burn. The wood dust waste is compressed into 50mm tubes and fed into the fuel store. We designed and installed a bespoke system that will turn their wood waste into a heating source for the manufacturing plant.

R & A Properties

In this project, we installed a 1 mega watt Biomass bespoke system at R&A Properties in Llangennach. The System was utilising 2 500 KW biomass boilers cascading and hydraulically connecting them together, this was the first part of the project and was commissioned in 2016. We have also completed another two 500 KW boilers. This was a total turnkey solution. From the system design, to building plant rooms and fuel stores including mechanical and electrical installation of the Biomass systems.

Pro Office

For Pro Office, we commissioned the installation of a Froling TM500 at their site in Merthyr Tydfil. It was a turnkey installation  which included:

  • building the plant room
  • creating a fuel store to house the fuel (fuel is from the wood waste from the Pro Office production waste),

This is then recycled into the fuel store and burned via the Froling TM500 biomass system.

Frequently asked questions

How can my business afford a biomass boiler?

We work with companies who can put you in touch with advisers who work with your business on the Government finance initiatives available and provide financing options to fund your biomass energy systems making it an affordable alternative through RHI and Capital Grants Schemes.

As of November 2007, the Government-funded Low Carbon Buildings Programme ( was providing the lower of either £1500 or 30% of eligible costs per householder and 30% installed costs to community and ‘not-for-profit’ groups, up to a limit of 45kW installed heat. These grants are not expected to continue much past April 2008, but new grant schemes may emerge.

Defra have announced that they will be running another round of the Bioenergy Capital Grants Scheme although details of this are yet to be announced. Keep checking

How do I get started?

Call us and we can go through the scheme and allowances and talk you through the process.  We’ll email you all the information based on your specific circumstances so you can review it and make an informed decision.  We work with government initiatives and organisations so we never have a one size fits all approach, but with 30 years experience, we haven’t encountered a situation that we haven’t been able to work with yet.

How Carbon Neutral is Wood fuel?

Research confirms wood fuel is 95% carbon neutral*.  This is based on the energy used to process and transport it and the heat generated from it.

*Source: Carbon and Energy Balances for a Range of Biofuels Options, MA Elsayed, R Matthews, ND Mortimer. 2003

If I bought a boiler today how long would it take to be up and running?

From ordering, the whole process takes around 14 weeks.  Contractors will visit your site to ensure the best design and location for the boiler is agreed straight off (this can take up to one month depending on the contractors workload).

Where do you deliver?

We deliver nationwide. No job is too too big or too much trouble for us.

How much does delivery cost?

Please call our national freephone number (0800 304 7352) for our extensive postcode based tariffs.

What are the guarantees on our boilers?

As a leading Biomass installation contractor, our name is our bond to offer a reliable and complete process from start to finish. We offer a specialist boiler aftercare system to every one of our customers buying a biomass heating system through Spring Renewables.

In addition to the manufacturer’s boiler warranty, we offer complete maintenance packages on biomass heating systems, including fuel stores, biomass boilers and district heating. Our understanding, patience and forward thinking in this specialist area is key for our customers and our excellent workmanship and knowledge has seen us chosen over and over again for the supply and installation of biomass equipment from 10kw to 1 Megawatt across the UK.

We also offer our Aftercare package to biomass customers where the installation did not originate from Spring Renewables.

A scheduled maintenance package can be extremely cost effective, particularly for public sector buildings such as hospitals and schools.

To discuss which maintenance package is right for your needs, get in touch with us to discuss your personal circumstances and how we can help. Our packages start from as little as £650 plus VAT per year for an annual visit with any faults found on the boiler during servicing rectified during the course of the visit with parts charged at a lower rate while our engineers are on site.


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